Amar*core: Sonika Alternative Band since 2013

Amar*Core is one of the most interesting bands for the new Radical/Alternative scene in Europe and United States. They've been part of Sonika Family since 2013 and they published 3 Eps, 20 songs and 5 officali videos. Post-grunge and stoner-rock mixed with Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Kyuss, Mark Lanegan and many more. Alternative music for an alternative way to live.

Rete Urbana Milanese: an Italian super band in the Sonika's Family

Rete Urbana Milanese is a super band based in Milano, driven by some of the most important musicians of the Italian and international scene. An Italian-sung project, based on rock and traditional folk music, RUM is with Sonika since 2014. Thanks to the long and successful experience of its members (Eugenio Mori - Ligabue/Pfm/Antonacci + Marco Mangelli - Laura Pausini/Gaynor/Vecchioni), they present a revolutionary sound coming from the past and moving towards future. They published with Sonika two songs and two videos.

Ivan Drago signed for Sonika in 2017. New Ep is coming for 2018...

Ivan Drago is a singer and songwriter influenced by the modern wave of post-industrial rock and American rock-blues. Based in London, he loves Jack White, NIN, Mark Lanegan, Hozier and Kyuss among others. A new sound with no useless additions, where poetry and electronic music melt together. Music for the next century, a new talent for Sonika Family. Since January 2017, his first Ep is coming up in december 2018.

Revolution Republic have chosen Sonika: A life in a day in 2009

Revolution Republic is an unique project for the Italian alternative-heavy scene. The band was born with a secret show, without certain names of faces, that melted for an incredible music experience, among American hard-rock and Italian post-rock. Revolution Republic met in a summer and decided, in partnership with Sonika, to record only one album in just one week. The idea was to go over the common idea of a band that lives in years, to focus on a genuine rock experience, to write music without the intrusion of new techniques or digital machines. Released by Sonika in 2009, "Days Of Revolution" LP sold its 500 copies in 10 days. Sonika never reissued this incredible and rare masterpiece, that, still today, remains a pearl for collectors and old fans.